Hi Dark,
Yeah, Golden Ax was awesome. Even though I didn't personally own that
game I did play it some at other peoples houses. That game simply

On 12/19/08, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Absolutely Tom! and I really hope you'd not only include all the cliffs, but
> (as in true double dragon fashion), would have at least some stupid enemies
> who'd charge streight past you and off them!
> to my mind this was always the ultimate in humiliation, to just stand at the
> edge of a cliff, have a crook charge at you and jump or move at the last
> moment!
> While we're on the subject of side scrolling beat em up fans, ---- has
> anyone played golden axe? I'd imagine it'd be mildly difficult in audio
> unless you got the amigar version where the enemies refrained from charging
> you, but it was, ---- and stil is thanks to my Mega drive and Mame, one of
> my favourites of this genre.
> I particularly like Gillius' the dwarf's backward rolling axe smash. Fall
> back into a back roll, axe extended, smacking anyone behind you one in the
> chest in the process.
> Golden axe also was a great game for kicking or headbutting enemies off
> bridges, into lakes, or into abysses in the dungeons.
> If you do do a 2D side scrolling fighting engine, it probably wouldn't be
> any the more too difficult to reproduce than double dragon, though it'd
> obviiously require sword and axe sounds, appropriate music and the aability
> to cast magic which would effect all enemies in the immediate area.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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