Battle chess! the world's most violent chess program!

I really hope you got someone to describe, ---- or looked up online the taking piece animations sinse they were hillarious! Pawns smacking each other in the voonerables, castles that were huge rock mosnters and stomped on people, bishops magically creating pits under opposing pieces, knights hacking limbs off all over the place, queen doing the full business with lightning magic and the king who was just wrong!

When taking the opponent's queen he'd put his arms around her, kiss her, ---- then stick a knife into her back!

At the chess club I went to at one stage the leader bought in an Amigar and had a game with the hole club vs the amigar, ---- by discussing the game and people voting for moves.

The problem was, everyone always voted for whatever moves would result in taking pieces just for the amusing deaths, so it really didn't work that well.

it was rather fun though.

Beware the Grue!


My pa

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