Hi John.

I must admit, I'm incredibly doubtful about changing the minds of the mainstream game companies at all on this issue for the precise reasons you mention.

Access costs money, big companies do not like spending money.

while I fully support igda's efforts, and would be the first to jump in if something like world of warcraft became accessible, my expectations aren't high.

Especially given that the two occasions I approached large companies, --- capcom and nintendo over some low vision access issues, they were both in different ways unhelpful.

Capcom told me in no uncertain terms to get lost, and while nintendo were much more polite, unfortunatelly nintendo uk had absolutely no chance whatsoever of contacting the people in the company who made the decisions, --- which is mad! but believeable.

this is why I think independent games are the way forward for access, and why I've put so much effort into chatting with devs over both Vi and low vision access issues.

It does indeed drive me up the wall that I can't play games like Zelda, Ff or world of warcraft, but hopefully this way I can at least get something fun, ---- like fallthrough!

This didn't actually start out as a formal approach or idea, it was just me in 2002 trying out online games and politely asking devs if they could do x y and Z in order so that I could play them.

yes though, I suppose now it has turned into a bit of a thing with me.

Beware the Grue!


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