Hi Jason.

Yep, I phoned capcom Uk.

It was deffinately over a low vision access issue, --- principley the fact that they didn't bother releasing the Mega man aniversary collection in the Uk. I wanted to talk to them, sinse basically this meant complete lack of 2D platformers for me to play.

I was more hoping just to have a reasonable conversation than anything else, but was basically told that Capcom didn't care about Vi gaming, the markit wasn't right for the collection (completely balls as the entire staff of my local gamestation wanted copies), and had the phone slammed down on me.

So much for fan driven!

As it turned out there's a handy region hacking disk for the Gc which let me play the collection, but that's the last time i expect anything from Capcom.

Nintendo were much nicer when I wanted to talk about Wii menue access, and we had a reasonable conversation, however they couldn't actually contact anyone in the company to help which was rather sad.

As to text not being captivating, right now my brother is playing his way through the phenix right games on the Ds.

These involve playing as a lawyer phenix right, investigating cases, then going through the trial.

The trial involves selecting from a menue of questions and answers, and knowing when to object to what the opposition is saying, while the investigation involves talking to witnesses, ---- yes talking! everything works via menue driven conversation pluss use of the objection button.

You can use the Ds touch screen to examine objects, --- but mainly everything is text, yes, text!

why my brother who is a lawyer would want to play games about being a lawyer is beyond me, --- but hay!

So text is officially a captivating and used medium I think.

Btw, for me, I don't actually mind what medium the game uses, graphics, (those games I can play), audio or text, --- in fact sinse I'm synaesthesic you could say all games have graphics for me, lol!

Seriously, while I do occasionally play a quick action burst, what I mostly play for is exploration and the journey. This even counts arcade style games with new enemies or levels, or beat em ups with specific bosses.

Beware the Grue!


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