Hey che,
I have to agree with you on this. At this point fully installed Mysteries of the Ancients is only about 125 MB. That is not really that large when we take in account that most people these days do have high speed internet, every computer made in the last couple of years has at least 100 gigs of drive space, and I've been seeing more systems with 1 or 2 gigs of ram of late. So with all these resources we might as well use them if they are available. Besides that, Mysteries of the Ancients is extremely small when I compare it to the mainstream games I have installed on this computer. Star Trek Elite Force 1 and 2 are each over a gig, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness is 4 gigs, the demo of Tomb Raider Under world is 2 gigs, etc. Compared to games like that Mysteries of the Ancients is sort of laughable as far as size goes. In perspective I don't think the game is really that big.

Che wrote:
These kind of things used to be an issue with games when they were crammed on 3.5 and even , gasp, 5 and a quarter inch disks, but nowadays with broadband and huge hard drive spaces, it is the rare gamer that cares how large the file is. and we might as well take advantage of that with the best sounding files available along with the quickest response times, which .wavs afford. I use mp3's for music in my games, but other than that it is all standard wav files, allowing the end user to modify the sounds if they wish.
 Just this developers two cents worth.

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