Hi Che,
I think your suggested style of game input is a good one. As you pointed out if you leave the user to use the keyboard alone that is just way to easy. Plus if you do add specials, combos, etc then using a Wii-Mote, game pad, etc is going to leave the keyboard user in the dust anyway. It is clear from reading your posts your primary interest here is game pads, Wii controlers, the mouse, and so on so that is where you need to focus in order to get the greatest potential out of this game. Honestly my thought and opinion is this. When a gamer buys a PS3, XBox or Wii title they are going to use the game controller or controllers designed for that platform. They are certainly not going to hook up a keyboard and play, because the input controllers for the consoles are far superior to a keyboard in the first place. Especially, the Wii-Motes. Since those game controlers are very flexable a mainstream developer can do much more in terms of special moves, add complex moves, and over all do stuff that a keyboard only player can dream of doing. Since most audio game input is almost exclusively handled by a keyboard rather than a game pad, joystick, mouse support, etc it has held the majority of accessible games back from reaching their greater potential. Think of a game like Sarah. It is a great game, but I think it could be even better if the GMA Engine supported a Wii-Mote. Instead of selecting a spell from a list you could use your Wii-Mote like a magic wand. To marke a door or something you could draw an x in the air and hpress a button to have Sarah say the spell to cast it. That is just one miner example of how the over all interaction in an already decent game can be drastically be improved by supporting something like a Wii-Mote.

Che wrote:
The way I am thinking right now, the right hand would be used to draw the combination shape, such as a rainbow shape for a roundhouse kick. The left would be used to modify the combination. So if you did a roundhouse combo with right control, then hit down on left, it would do a foot sweep, up on left would kick towards head, etc.
 It could be done with one of the following controller setups:
1. Game pad with analog sticks. Draw the rainbow with right stick, hold down on left. 2. Wii controllers, draw rainbow with right, pull down on nunchuck with left. 3. Mouse and keyboard. Draw shape with mouse, press d key to modify down. D would be down, e up, s left and f right. Notice this leaves no room for keyboard only input. I realize I could allow the keyboard user to draw a rainbow shape with j i l. but this is way too easy to do compared to what the users of other controllers would have to pull off, and not fair to the non keyboard folks out there.

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