Hi James,
Yeah, I know FMOD has some advanced features. As I said up thread I've played with the FMOD library some in C-Sharp and C++ and I like the API, and it has a lot going for it. The only deal breaker for me is cost. As for if FMOD is off topic I'd say it is boarderline. It is a game technology so in that sense it is game related, but since this is more in the development relm it is likely more appropriate on a list such as my game developers list. Although, at the moment I am allowing it here as this is something new and old game developers should at least be made aware of. Like Josh said earlier on list while it costs for commercial development it is free for non-commercial games. So as long as a developer is willing to give a game away for free there is no cost. I could, for example, use it in STFC since that game is a freeby.

James Dietz wrote:
It has advantages over directsound; if you use software stuff and
model your world with polygons you can use the geometry engine,
meaning that objects will muffle/occlude others. Lots of other cool
things you can do, and the fact that it has it's own software 3d
engine means that it sounds the same on all platforms and soundcards
(face it: hardware sound is going away). Feel free to yell at me if
this is considered off-topic. I'm excited about FMOD because I'm
working with a friend on figuring out it's more advanced features
(geometry and reverb engine - multiple reverbs in one room etc). If
the fmod designer was at all accessible it opens up even more
possibilities for controling how things sound (basically an "event" is
one or more sounds which can follow behaviors when triggered or played
- crossfading between multiple loops to more accurately simulate a car
speeding up, or adding looped layers to a 3d sound when the user comes
within a certain distance of it).


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