What I meant by casual play is its supposed to take only a little time per day. There's always been an adventure cap, and I doubt the devs will ever lift it, especially, as much as I absolutely loathe saying it, with the leaderboards and such being implimented. Its possible that if we could actually get in touch with one of the devs, not their secretary, and suggest a mode that you could play to lift the adventure cap that would remove you from the leaderboards, they might be up for it, I'm not certain. But that'd be hard if not impossible to do.

Mr. Accessories give 15 to all attributes. If you're not aware, you can click on any item name and it'll bring up a pop-up window that will show you exactly what said item does, along with a usually amusing description of it. This works in stores as well, though I think generally in stores you have to click on the immage rather than the item name, which is an onclick graphic. Its accessible though, at least with jaws, so I imagine hal shouldn't have too much trouble with it.

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Hmmmm, are the Mr. Accesseries really that powerful?

I'm not above making a donation if it will increase my enjoyment of the game and make things less frustrating.

in fact, I was also rather tempted by the KoL statue set, ---- sinse I have a large collection flat of fantasy and mythological statues in my flat, (including my Lotr chess set).

My problem with the adventure cap, is that it just seems to make accomplishments less worthy.

If i take up one of those collection expeditions, ---- such as for the Bounty hunter hunter or the pixel man in the shack near the forest, I go out and do a bit of combat grinding for some items which perhaps takes a hole day's worth of adventures.

then I get back, and get rewarded with a 1 adventure stat booster or some food which gives 10 extra ats.

Even if the game started out as a casual play, ---- the cap on advss just makes it frustrating for me to play it this way now.

I wouldn't mind too much if the 200 adv cap was lifted, and so you could actually use food or booze to build up a store of advs, ----- but the way things are, you just don't seem to get enough bang for your booze as you might say.

It's actually a compliment to the devs that a casual game has such a lot to offer, ---- though it practically makes things a tad frustrating.

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