Yeah, KoL isn't for everyone. A lot of the humor is based off of references, or just straight puns. And while the puns are generally sickeningly horrible, the references are usually good. The only thing that redeem's the puns in my opinion is that the developers do the puns in such a manner simply to make you go oh man, that was aweful. I do think it's a neat game though, its got a fully featured plot and quest line, 6 different classes, all of which are very unique, a refreshing change from most games where the only thing that differs between classes is name and maybe the ability to cast spells, good jokes here and there if you understand the references, I dunno. For those of you who have played and lost interest, provided you're reading this thread, I recommend giving the game another try. But try to see the overall picture, the underlying mechanics, the uniqueness of the classes, the way the world opens up as you do more, the fiendishly difficult puzzles, there's a lot about the game that's cool even if the humor just makes you wince once in a while. Would be more than happy to help anyone get started and on their feet, I'm talerous, leader of the Mr. Banana Heads clan, misspelled with 1 n cause I'm weird. Feel free to look me up, new or old.

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I lost interest in KOL rather quickly though. A lot of the humor just seemed extremely corny to me.

It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you with no place to go.

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