Yeah, me too, hence why I don't actualy play KoL that often, just when there's nothing else available I haven't played or some new content comes along or, ya know, I'm bored. haha. Given that you like exploration, I'm surprised you didn't give monster breeders a try, its got gigantic maps, each city is different, there's several different types of quests besides just your classic collection or kill these quests, even a rather simplistic yet amusing storyline. And there's a lot of towns and multiple modes of transportation, airships, trains, submarine, you name it. Battle system is pretty cool too, and sounds like it'll be getting even more depth here soon. Even monsters will soon have descriptions, hopefully soon, thanks to a discussion I had with the dev, so when a monster attacks it won't just be as you wander throughout the land, you encounter blah, each monster will have its own unique couple of rising up and coming at you messages, so you get a basic idea of what said monster is and how it's attacking since obviously, we can't see the artwork. At risk of sounding arrogant, I'm writing the descs for the developer, so when they go in I can assure you they'll at least be decent.
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yes, items were indeed clickable with hal, ---- including in stores, I just found it slightly difficult to actually boost stats, sinse there seemed innumerable items with the same stat boosts.

Perhaps the Mr. Accessery would help, ---- particularly in fights.

As I have exactly zero interest in the leader board, that option would deffinately sute me, but as you said, it's doubtful it'd be implemented in the game.

I suppose I just prefer to get entirely into a game for a longer period of time, rather than having to spend a set amount each day on it, especially if i'm trying to explore new content or complete a mission.

This is again, probably a personality thing. I absolutely love exploring a big map with random encounters on the various squares, and am quite content to spend a long time traveling or exploring so long as it will get me somewhere. This was one thing I thought was great both in Fallthru, and in the early versions of Sryth, ----- the real sense of distance, as well as the world itself.

I suppose this comes from reading the hobbit and lotr at the age of five, ----- lol!

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