The problem with discovering powerful items and such on your own is that there really aren't any in the plot itself, all the ones worth having are either obtained as items of the month, ultrarares, which aren't just a really rare item drop but have a lot of backing mechanics to ensure they won't flood the market, and ascention rewards for things like playing through hardcore mode. It's a really tough game, and honestly I'm not sure how to tell someone to get started as a newbie since I've never played through a run without Mr. Accessories or other stat boosting gear to help. I'm trying a hardcore run right now, and having a lot of trouble with it since I can't use said power items and have to rely on the equipment I pick up in game. Its more than a difficult game, especially given its limitations on adventures. Really I'm not sure what to tell you on the daily adventures thing, since the cap for built up adventures is 200, and the only way to go over that in any way is to eat food or drink booze, which gives you turns over that cap but said turns disappear at nightly rollover. Unlike warriors2, its not a game meant to allow you to play through at your leasure, its kind of a daily game you spend 5 minutes or so on, or let your turns build up and play for an hour when you feel like it. More of a casual game than a game to really get quests done or explore dungeons.

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When I played before, people were kind enough to lend me even some slightly good items and amounts of meet, ----- in fact I found KoL's player base on average to be a fairly nice bunch.

Generally though, I'd much prefer advice over powerful items, sinse I do like the discovery of such things myself.

The food and booze system for extra adventures has always struck me as mildly unfair, sinse I find myself spending large amounts of currency for any given food or booze item, which doesn't then get recooped in my adventuring, ---- so I'm always in fact opperating at a loss.

If KoL had a donation system similar to Warriors 2, where donating to the game could give extra dayly adventures I'd probably have been much more inclined to persist with it.

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