The unfortunate truth is, that I doubt that mainstream games
will ever support accessibilty to blind gamers. There is
simply no money to be made here. The number of blind people
who would buy such games is way too small to justify the
effort for them.
Video games are developed and played for the most part, by
sighted people, that is what they work on. Even if every one
of us would sign to buy every new release out there it would
still not be profitable for them in ages.
It is a lot less work and stuff to make games accesible for
people who are deaf as all it takes is subtitling the games
in the dialogues, so that is being done in most mainstream
games already.
To make us able to fully enjoy the game you'd basically have
to rewrite it. So even if some dedicated blind games
developer would start to convert such a game, the licensing
would be tremendous amounts of money to be paid to the
original developer.

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