Agreed. A lot of it comes down to harmless fantacy or roll playing on the part of the gamer. In real life I would never beat the crap out of somebody because I was angry at them, perform a spinal rip, or chop their head off. However, afgter having an extremely stressful day or big argument with my wife I can take my frustration out in a game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. There I can beat the living crap out of anyone and anything, and nobody gets hurt for real. I wonder what some of these Christians thinks about stress management. When I first lost my sight I was very angry all the time and one of the stress management counselors suggested I take an old pillow and beat on it. That's what society might consider violent behavior, but it is controlled violent behavior. My intention is not to hurt anyone, but relieve my anger by acting out my stress and rage in a way that comes out naturally. I've got a choice. I can put on a set of boxing gloves and let loose on a punching bag, or I can go to town on a living person like my wife. Anyone in their right mind would say use the punching bag. Sowhat is the difference in doing the same thing in a game?

Darren Harris wrote:
Absolutely. Also sometimes games can be a good way of stress relief as
well. Or if you're seriously annoyed at something you can vent that
annoyance in a game. Whether it be something like doom or anything else.
To my mind games are harmless. If kids for example get a hold of said
games then quite frankly it's the fault of the parents for either
allowing them to play them or not being watchful enough around their
kids. That said there are situations where by for example if said child
goes to a friends house and plays said game that's always a problem.

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