Hi Yohandy,
I think it boils down to the fact most totally blind gamers have never experienced mainstream games firsthand, and therefore have no frame of reference to compare their accessible games too. As you pointed out many blind gamers constantly want more accessible mainstream games without understanding how challenging some of those games can be. I don't think they fully realize or think about the fact the games they have played like Troopenum, Packman Talks, and so on are child's play compared to some of the mainstream titles out there. Even my games are child's play compared to some of the mainstream games out there. What I'd like to do is raise the bar a little higher, and add more difficulty to an otherwise pretty so-so game.

Yohandy wrote:
Why can't those of us that actually want a tough game finally get one? Why is it that people are always looking for the easy way out? This seems to happen in the audiogame market a lot and it frustrates me. If thomas makes his games extremely easy and you beat it in an hour, you'll feel good for about 5 minutes then forget all about the game. do you guys have any clue the sort of games sighted gamers play? we want devs to make mainstream games accessible, but if we keep complaining that a game is too hard, then they're just gonna laugh at us and ignore us like they've been doing all these years. I personally love challenge. It's why I got the Mortal Kombat vs dc universe platinum, and why I'm working hard on the Street Fighter IV one. TO my knowledge I'm the first blind person to get that platinum and it feels darn good. There's nothing as frustrating as those combo challenges, but I finally did it! If you guys don't want a hard game, then fine, don't buy it. but please let the rest of us enjoy a challenge for once.

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