Hi Dark,
To be honest I hope to make my own RPG anyway. This was just a thought given the fact there is already an existing game book system out there, but it is largely unaccessible unless you want to play the game manually. Given the amount of content it would take a long time to create, but then again it would save time as I wouldn't need to write everythingfrom scratch. Lots of pros and cons here.

dark wrote:
well Tom, on the one hand, I was hoping for an original rpg game from you, rather than simply a more streamlined version of gamebooks I've already played.

On the other hand, there's no denying it would be welcome and possibly easier for people to start off with the series.

As far as the books status' goes, the author said he didn't want them to vanish, so gave permission for the project.aon staff to convert them to html and put them on the site. You'd probably have to ask the staff for permission, ----= but sinse they actually seem to encourage the creation of playing aides such as the silverlight and java ones I mentioned (neither of which are sadly accessible), I don't suppose they'd mind.

From your point of view, there are some advantages. firstly, the rules are
very well defigned and streight forward, also "official" rules and parts where their application seems strange have been defigned in footnotes on the site.

also (and most importantly), the books are already linked html. So when your making choices of what to do, it's only neccessary to click on one. the only things you'd need to defign would be a combat engine, the keeping of stats, restriction of certain choices according to the character's skills' or items, and one or two extra mechanics such as the use of healing potions or some of the more intricate skill mechanics and immunities.

all these are set out in a streight forward way though on the site's various rule handbooks.

The main task, ---- and one that does seem a litle monumental to me, is going through a hole load of 350 section gamebooks section by section, to get in every combat and misshap, ---- and that's not counting statting the rules.

There are 20 gamebooks in the initial three series about the warrior/monk Lonewolf himself, where you play as one solo character and keep the skills, stats and items from the previous books.

there are then eight books of the new order series about Lone wolf's successor, ---- and indeed four books about Greystar the wizard set in the same world, ----- though a different part of it.

All this would be quite a task, ---- though obviously one which some people have completed, allbeit in an inaccessible way.

Most of all though, I recommend you physically try the books yourself and see what you think to them.

beware the Grue!


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