Hi Dark,
I'm sorry to say this isn't your day old buddy. i've not had much success with Silverlight stuff. I tested the latest silverlight release and it gave Window Eyes 7.x some troubles. So I decided to forget it. Not sure what more I can say other than in myopinion Silverlight isn't very screen reader friendly. If you get it working let me know as I'd like to know if someone has success with Silverlight based content.

dark wrote:

poking around the project.aon forums, I discovered someone has created an online application to automate playing of lone wolf gamebooks. This means no more stat and item keeping, looking up numbers on tables, rolling dice or long drawn out combats.

In fact it would make the Lonewolf series function essentially like the fighting fantasy project stuff.

For a long while there has been a java application called 7th sense which does this, however sinse I can't read anything with Hal above the title, it's a bit of a none starter, ---- especially as while some Java applications can be incredibly screen reader friendly, when they're not, they're not! and nothing short of a complete rewrite will fix them.

So, I was intreagued to here about this online version. The only trouble is it apparently uses the Ms silverlight web addon.

I've heard a couple of bad things about silverlight, ---- but is this dependent upon the webpage and design, or implicitely part of silverlight itself.

Being as the Lw books are already html text, I'd theoretically assume all Silverlight would need to do is handle all the backgrounds stats etc, ---- but is this wrong?

have other silverlight driven projects proved utterly impossible?

Any information would be appreciated.

Beware the Grue!


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