Hi Michael,
You and others have made an excellent case for aiming for what might be classified as a fully modern side-scroller rather than an 80's style side-scroller or a full blown FPS game. What I am doing now seams to be the only real compromise between the two extremes. So I guess I need to think on how to design the game in such a way it maintains the side-scroller feel, but incorperate a modern look and feel.


Michael Feir wrote:
Sounds like a good idea. However, I would think that at this stage, it would probably be better if you kept the game as is and ultimately finished with it. While I would appreciate the opensource sidescroler in addition to MOTA, that smacks of yet more work for Tom when he's clearly at the end of his rope. I can't say that I'd be very satisfied at all if you ended up making MoTA into an FPS. I think that a sidescroller like you're making now has a lot to offer the community. It certainly would be a game that I would treasure. You're in a rather nasty predicament at the moment and I've always empathised with you. I very much want a sidescroller to emerge from all this. Just because a style of game has been around for a while doesn't make it bad. Chess is still a very popular game and it has survived for centuries. Are Chess players idiots and throwbacks since they aren't playing more modern games? I don't think so. A good game mechanic remains good despite the passage of time.

Although I would be happier with a game which more closely resembled an 80's sidescroller, Tom has largely won me over with what he has added to the game. It still retains that classic vintage feel but offers a good deal of replay value. I beilive he has found an excellent compromise between the two factions here and will ultimately find that the game sells splendidly when he's finally finished it. Having said that, I would rather have Tom keep developing games than force the issue at all. Having this project cost the community two star developers really isn't an outcome I'd care for at all. I'm definitely in the crowd that want Tom to keep things in the direction he found for the game. However, I won't be asking for a refund should he come to a different decision. Nore does he have to fear that I'll pepper him with suggestions. I've refraned from that and will keep doing so. Poor Tom has been buffetted quite enough as it is. His efforts to get to this point have already more than earned my respect and admiration. All that remains to do at this point is wish Tom the very best of luck.

Michael Feir

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