to me, the difficulty of a 3D game depends entirely upon how good the 
navigation tools in that particular game are. 

Monkey business, i have to admit, I'm actually absolutely appauling! at and 
have never made it through the Jungle stage successfully. I just find the 
navigation used in that game extremely imprecise, as to pointing out objects, 
and spend most of my time running into walls uncertain of where I am. 

the games produced with the Gma engine, ---- and indeed Terraformers however, 
are a vastly different story. 

The precise nature of audio to in game objects with turn indicators etc, the 
use of various viewing tools like the list view, or the 360 and streight ahead 
scans, ---- the precise nature of object indication sounds and the ability to 
have objects in range listed by catagory using the monster view, ---- not to 
mention of course some great sonar for targiting (though the audio precision in 
the Gma engine is quite useable as it is). 

All of these contribute to making 3D navigation not only possible, ---- but 
considderably easy. 

I'm fairly certain that however complex the environment, Tom will be able to 
utilize tools to compensate, ----- actually I personally think the view 
function in 2D mota makes the game a litle too easy when calculating jumps 
(though I'm certainly not saying it should be removed or changed, ---- just 
illustrating Tom's ability to create really good ease of use tools for his 

I'd therefore really encourage people who've felt 3D frustration not to be put 
off 3D entirely, ---- and especially not by monkey business. 

Beware the grue! 

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