Hi Dark,

Yes, I do understand. Although, it seams to me that quite a few gamers on this list do have serious difficulties with spacial orientation especially in games like Shades of Doom. As I don't seam to have this problem I can't help but wonder what is the cause. Why do they have difficulty when I do not?

I'm sure there is a root cause, and as a game developer it may help to discover what that issue is. Is it because I had sight for a long time and maybe many of them did not? Were they perhaps born with some inability to perceive spacial orientation such as yourself? Is there yet some other cause I haven't figured out yet?

I don't know what the answer is, but all i do know is how I am able to construct the world in my minds eye. Seeing as I did have sight for many years i generally know what things look like, and if someone describes something to me I can construct a rough aproximation of it in my mind with color, shape, and size. EVen if it doesn't look exactly as it is in real life I can put it in its context in the real world. Take my living room for example.

As I stand at the end of the hallway leading into the living room my mind is able to imagine mental a image of a room in 3d that is about 20 by 20 feet with a ceiling 8 feet high. Off to my left is the doorway leading into the kitchen. Ahead of me is the front door, and to the right of that is the couch. Above the couch are shelves containing miscelanious items. Immediately to my right, directly in front of the couch, is an entertainment set with a dvd player, our cable box, and on top of that is our tv. Beside that is a telephone stand and a coat closet. To Further to my right, along the far wall are windows, and below them is a desk, shelves, and so on.

All of this I can see in my mind as one single image. I don't think of each item in the room as a single landmark or part of a whole, but i see the whole of it in my mind. I don't know if someone born blind would be able to do that or not. They certainly wouldn't be able to add color as I can if they have never seen colors before. Regardless of the answer I'm able to use that same mental image and apply it to games and see the levels the same way I can mentally see my living room.

dark wrote:
Hi tom.

do not judge perception of blind people in general by me at all, sinse my spacial awareness is actually worse than most people's, ---- possibly due to some brain damage I suffered at birth.

I have absolutely no idea how to spacially relate one place I am in to another, construct any sort of map, or even basically understand rotational exercises. Frequently when walking around I will perceive an object either by vision, touch or something else, and stil walk into it because my ability to judge distance is so extremely terrible.

I've learnt to get around this by use of memory, and synaesthesic representations of land marks in various senses from visual to auditory to tactile, ---- even smell.

In a game like Shades, I'll simply attempt to remember familiar land marks around the maze, useful sfx etc, ---- I also make use of the block graphics display.

My spacial difficulties are also why I cannot play games with a spacial overview involved, such as solitare, the scrabble style word puzles, and find battleships and mine sweeper tremendously difficult.

I certainly could not play chess without a physical board in front of me on which to constantly check the pieces, ---- by touch and vision.

all this being said though, these problemts are uniquely mine. i've met people with literally no working vision who have amazing sense of space, ---- take for example the blind painter, who could paint entirely by mental representation!

I am in no way an average model for spacial awareness, as when I was born I did suffer brain damage from oxygen starvation, ---- and after living for quite some time believe this is the area of my brain which was damaged.

All this being said though, i totally agree with you about the Gma engine, and find myself quite able to use land mark systems in games like Shades or Gma tank commander, ---- and if your engine works on a similar principle I'm confident I'll be able to make use of it as well.

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