Is there anything specifically about FPS games like Shades of Doom that confuses you. Any specific reason why you get lost, and anything I can do as a developer to make it easier for gamers like you to get full enjoyment out of the game?

I will say this about Shades of Doom though. Shades of Doom is a poor example of an FPS title, because the levels were intended to be a maze. In other words they are not logically layed out as a typical building, and I believe David Greenwood intentially made the levels difficult to navigate to add extra challenge to the game. Now, when anyone says FPS they automatically do the, "I can't do that because Shades of Doom is too hard," even though most levels in sighted FPS games aren't quite that complex to navigate.

I think what is needed for people who have troubles with FPS games you need a simple example of an FPS game with a more normal layout. Rooms that aren't mazes and are more or less like you would find in real life. That said I personally like the maze factor as it really does add some additional challenge to the game.


peter Mahach wrote:
I was also born blind and, although I have great hearing and I can rely a lot on the position of the sound heck, I can feel acoustic changes and I know if something's in front of me and I do understand the idea of boards in games like battleship, I just can't get the hang of fps games though I can get around kind of and eventualy beat the level, but at many points when I killed the monsters and knocked out equipment in the process in sod, I end up circling around, eventually quitting because of frustration.

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