True Tom, ---- though I've heard a lot of hard line gamers like my brother and some of my friends complain that now, games are becoming so large, cinematic and industry driven, they are losing significant amounts of playability in the process.

This even goes for my friends who are fps players and fans of series like Dune or halflife.

One comment which recently made me laugh on a forum discussing turrican compared Halo to Turrican with it's weapons exploration elements (despite being in 3D), ---- to which someone replied "yes, but when you finish Turrican you want to play it again. you play Halo because of the Hype, then your glad it's over" lol!

I'm not completely certain how true these views are, sinse the point when main stream game developement and I seriously parted company at the start of the 32 bit era, ----- games were stil a lot less extremely industry driven than they are currently.

I do also have several friends (including my brother), who are World of warcraft players, and while some of what they say about the game concerning the publisher's payment initiatives is rather horrific, ----- some other things I here about the frequency of updates to the game with individual quests, ---- instances as they're known, and multiplayer tactical situations against large scale bosses do sound like great gaming experiences.

Beware the grue!


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