Hi Dark,
Well, the primary financial issue with Closing the Gap is travel expenses plus room and board for the time it is going on. Unlike you, who can get to Sight Village within a hour by train, I'd have to book a flight to go there and back. Plus pay for food, a hotel room, and any other expenses involved with traveling out of state for a large convention like Closing the Gap. That's why even though we have such a big national conference like Closing the Gap only people who can afford it ever go. It is just too far for the average person to travel to on a slim budget. There are definitely disadvantages to living in a country as big as the United States.

dark wrote:

Well we'll see.

On the one hand, sight village sounds a litle more accessible to the general public than the Us version, ---- sinse demo cd's and such aren't expected at all, and there are a lot of one man shows there as well as the big names like dolphin or gw micro.

Charity organizations also have booths too, ---the rnib, as well as far smaller groups like calibre tape library (a small charity run, but very decent audio books service I'm a big fan of), and action for blind people, ---- who provide various services and indeed were kind enough to run the audio games pole last year on their sit.

It's very much in the lite of a promotional charity service that I'm presenting the game accessiblity group and audiogames.net.

Afterall, ---- while Cx2 and I do completely enjoy writing crazy news and getting to play and write about lots of games for the database, it's in the end something we do voluntarily in our spare time (though as a lazy bumb of a student I have plenty of spare time of course ---- ;D). likewise, nobody pays Richard and Sander to maintain the site, code the scripts that keep the database running, or post news of their own, and the work they do talking to companies and students about game access is certainly very much off their own bat.

I'll therefore be rather sad if they decide to ask too much of a giant charge for this, ----- but as they haven't yet got back to me, ---- I'll have to wait and see.

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