Hi Dark,

I think if you could pull that off that would be a great idea. We have something similar here in the states called Closing the Gap, but it would be way to expensive to actually go there and setup a booth. That would be a great place to introduce lots of several accessible games, but since USA Games, GMA, and the rest of us aren't actual corporations making lots of money we can't just go there every year and setup a booth like GW Micro, Freedom Scientific, Humanware, and the rest of the big name companies do. We would need a lot more time and funding to pull something like that off.

Plus we would have to have some form of demo cds to hand out to techs and other interested parties with a fairly decent collection of games for them to hand out to their clients and friends. That is another added expense and consequence of trying to let them have something to take home with them.

dark wrote:
Hello Tom.

This is unfortunately true. For the last few years I've gone to sight village each summer. This is basically the uk Vi tech show, where companies, charities and organizations wrent stalls and show off their stuff, while lots of people turn up and look.

Not once though have I seen any accessible games mentioned there at all.

I believe Azabat had a stall one year, ---- but they certainly don't go frequently, ---- nor is azabat any kind of a good representation of what audio games are like in general.

this does give me an idea though. Maybe I should see if I could go to site village as a representative of the gameaccessibility special interest group and audiogames.net, ---- to do a general show off of accessible games.

I wouldn't really need any more than my laptop (which has lots of games on it anyway), a plug, and possibly a net connection if i wanted to show off something online like sound rts or Che martin's games, ---- and using a double sterrio jack I could wear one pear of headphones, participants another, and thus I could give instructions.

The show is not until next July, --- -but I'm not sure how late you have to book your places, or what you have to pay to the organizers to get a stall.

Maybe though I'll research this and suggest the idea to Richard and Sander.

While it might not be ideal, ---- it'd certainly be a good way of reaching a lot of Vi people who may or may not have access to the net, ---- and sinse I would be representing audiogames.net, ---- I could show several different types of game depending upon what peoples interest was.

hmmm, I'll look in to that one and see where it goes.

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