Well Tom, ---- yes and no.

I first got on the net full time in 2002, in my first year in colidge.

At that point though, I'd only ever played games on games consoles, and while I knew that there were games for pc, I supposed that they were all either hyper complex graphically unplayable affairs, ---- or near impossible to run complicated emulation type things, ----- believe it or not, there was a time when i had no confidence in my own technical knolidge even on how to basically run a program or download files from the net.

I'd used my laptop to read d&d rules and play tabletop games, --- but not to actually play games myself.

In 2003, I read something in a braille magazine which mentioned the whitestic.co.uk site and their online games page.

I looked, and then got very interested in brouser based things and, ---- after some very kind help from tom lorimer who runs that site, ---- interactive fiction, just using standard interpreters like win frotz and win tads, with no tts.

I did actually download the win frotz tts, but as my old laptop had windows 98, and I hadn't even heard of sapi, I just assumed the voice component was broken, and read the text with hal.

I did read Tom lorimers page about offline games, ---- but to be brutally honest, none of those mentioned at that time, --- -which looked to be mostly board crossword and card affairs, seemed interesting to me, ---- and I actually assumed that audio computer games were nice litle things which some kind and generous charities had set up to give the poor pathetic blind people something to do
with their time.

My only defense is this is indeed an atitude i've encountered a lot in services or companies who work with visually impared people over here, ---- and while I was wrong to pre-judge everyone who did Vi friendly stuff as being of that motivation, ---- it is also true that certain people and organizations stil very much are!

I did look at a couple of links on that page, --- -I remember once reading the manual for Vip gameszone's galaxy ranger, ---- but the lack of demo time, ---- as well as the rather worrying technical idea of downloading a program put me off trying it.

Also, sinse it was 2003-5, and I was stil using a laptop with windows 98, there was a compatibility question too.

I tried literally hundreds of on line brouser based games (which is why I have so strong opinions of them now). The one i played most at that point was legend of the green dragon, ---- which I was deeply impressed with at the time, sinse it was the only online game I could find with even a shred of exploration to it.

Then, in late 2004 while I was working on my masters, I ran across Sryth, ---- which frankly blew me away! I literally spent 48 hours just playing the thing constantly!

Ekitraina was actually my third character on Sryth, and the only one I tried who had half way decent randomly generated stats.

In 2005 I got a desktop with xp, --- which I first played Sryth on, ---- and a litle later at that point I got into conversation with Bryan peterson on the Sryth forums.

when I found out he was also visually impared we exchanged pms for a while, and we at length discovered we shared an interest in game music, ---- and games.

I mentioned wanting to play something exploration based, and bryan told me first about the then in developement castle quest, ---- and about shades of doom.

he provided me the links both to Gma games and audiogames.net, and I went and downloaded shades in november of 2005, then registered for the audiogames.net forum in december.

The rest as they say, ---- is history!

Beware the grue!

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Hi Dark,
As I believe Michael's accident happened in 2006 he would have been there at Sight Village on behalf of Agrip around 2004 or 2005. Just prier to your discovery of Audessy.org, audiogames.net, and all the rest of us out here on the net.

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