Hi Dark,
That's actually something i've been thinking of for a long time. Although, I wasn't too sure how people would feel about me making run the default in Mysteries of the Ancients. Although, it seams more people do use the run command more than the walk command. A number of mainstream games I play have run as the default movement command. In most of the Tomb Raider games they have it set up so if you push up arrow by itself Lara Croft will break out into a run which is good for fast movement away from enemies, or just to get around the level faster. However, to get her to walk slowly up towards a ledge, sneek up on an enemy, you would press the shift key with up arrow and she'll move slow so she can avoid certain traps, navigate ledges, and other dangerous situations. All and all it is a rather nice feature, and in those games walking or running is more a part of a strategy rather than an option. Case in point. In Tomb Raider Last Revelation there is a room full of spikes. You can't run through them, obviously, and you can't jump over them. However, do to the fact they are spread apart if you put Lara in walk mode she will slowly step over and around them until she makes it safely to the other side of the room where she'll find, wonder of wonders, a lever to lower the spikes. This is a matter of using the right movement command for the situation rather than simply choosing to move faster or slower through the game levels. There is a reason for doing both in the game. When you mentioned a sneek mode you reminded me of Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness where this feature comes quite in handy. There is this one part on the first level where Lara is walking along a ledge, outside this apartment, when there is this guard standing outside, well, guarding the place. You can have Lara sneek slowly up on him, and knock him out before he even knows what hit him. In later levels it becomes harder to do that sort of thing, but there are plenty of cases where it comes down right necessary to sneek around crooks, cops, and anyone else you don't want to spot or hear Lara as she tries to recover the paintings and clear her name. I'll be watching this thread to see how many people agree with you. I certainly agree, this is something I'd like to do, and we will see.


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