Hi Dark,
I thought the same thing, why not switch the hot keys and in MOTA have right or left arrow the running speed and shift right and left arrow the walking speed. In my Sarah game up arrow starts you running automatically until you get close to a barrier.
If you want to walk you must use control up arrow.

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This is just something which occurred to me as I was out clubbing this evening, --- ie, abusing various creatures with Q9's big nasty club!

in games, running often served incredibly distinct purposes just beyond the obvious moving faster, so, you could run and then jump to get a longer jump, or use the run move to perform dashing attacks.

In many audio games i've seen though, running only moves you forward slightly faster. While 3D games like shades or gma tank commander make this very useful, in side scrollers like Q9, superliam and Mota, I actually find myself playing with the run button perminantly held down, ---- which seems rather odd to say the least.

If future side scrollers are going to have run features, instead of just making it a faster walk and effectively having the gamer hold buttons down, ---- how about borrowing one feature from prince of persia, that of sneak step.

In prince, you ran perminantly, but by holding down a button you could tap to get single steps, ---- very useful for getting close to the edge of a pit or lining up a jump.

Of course, it might just be me, ---- but I would suggest unless developers are going to put in extra features such as running jumps or running attacks, ---- maybe a sneak step held button to slow down would be more helpful than a run button to speed up, ---- at least in side scrollers.

Then again, this might just be me, ---- I admit I certainly don't! run through 3D games like shades in the same way.

What do people think?

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