Exactly. Plus if we are talking a very advanced RPG  we are looking of
money spent on developing this title. We would need decent voice acters,
decent sounds, decent music and this could run a developer into a lot of
cash. Any game requires a lot of money, but an RPG more so since they
tend to be several smaller games all rolled into one.
Take a game like Sryth. Let's assume someone were to convert that into a
live action RPG game. You need sounds for all of the weapons swords,
spears, knives, daggers, and the list could be rather long. Especially,
if you have the magic weapons sound different from the non-magical
weapons.  Then, you have several different monsters like goblins,
trolls, skeletons, zombies, demons, ghosts, and on and on we go. You
have background loops like forests, blizards, towns, caves, tombs, and
again another long list. Bottom line, when you get done we are talking
thousands of dollars spent on the sound effects alone and the game would
be a massive download. It isn't a job for a small outfit by any means.
Besides, as far as RPG games goes I'm with Dark and I prefer more game
book style games. I was first introduced to roll playing games through
traditional paper and pen games, and would love to see some of those
games converted into text adventure type games. The main reason I feel
the strait game book type games like Sryth are more enjoyable is the
fact you truly get more detail about the room or area where you are
located, and get a much better grasp of the game's over all story line.
Having had sight before I want the specific details on a room, and text
is the perfect medium to do it in.  In the Adrift and Z-Code text
adventures you can type "look" and get a detailed description of the
immediate area. I personally like that.

On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 22:09 -0700, Bryan Peterson wrote:
> Nobody's arguing that point. But given that most of our developers are one 
> to two-man operations the game would quite literally take years to develop. 
> And some people have already whined enough about the delays in MOTA, and to 
> heck with the fact that Thomas could quite easily have refused to take the 
> project on to begin with. In fact I think it fairly safe to say that had he 
> known what trouble he'd be bringing on himself I don't think he would have.

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