Hi Dark,
Yeah, I was playing games like Castlevania, Double Dragon, and Megaman
at roughly the same age, and nobody seamed to mind the violence back
then. Although, I believe the violence and gore factor has gotten
worse over the years which has attracted public attention. It is one
thing to shoot an enemy and he vanishes off the screen, and quite
another to watch that enemies head explode blood and brains all over
the place. Of the two I wouldn't have a problem with my son playing a
game like the original Double Dragon, but I wouldn't necessarily give
him a game with lots of blood and gore at his current age.
The other reason some games have gotten public attention is some games
feature nudity. Many parents don't want their kids being exposed to
nude characters, and so are outraged at the game industry for not
creating clean and family oriented games.  Personally I think it just
comes back to the parents job to sensor their kids content and let
them have only what they feel the should be playing rather than taking
it out on the game industry.

On 2/26/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Just to offer an alternative, violence doesn't bother me in the least and
> never has. i was playing mortal combat, moonstone, street fighter 2 and
> various other so called violent games at the age of 8 or so, ---- in fact
> the first mk game came out when i was 8 years old.
> Admittedly, graphically, even mortal combat was almost more commic book
> style than say grand theft auto, and the violence was mainly done in such a
> way as to not be taken seriously.
> I think if i had children, I'd base their playing of violent games upon the
> game. Shooting aliens or gangsters, heck even fighting enemies with a sword,
> fine, ---- but running around the streets willfully committing crimes and
> beating up police and inocent bystanders, probably not.
> On the other hand, s/x bothers me a lot, but for personal, rather than moral
> reasons which I will not discuss (this is why Cx2  has written all the
> audiogames.net content for jims' games sinse i haven't played them myself).
> I think I'd base a childs' playing of such games on knolidge and maturity,
> but obviously these are hugely individualistic factors.
> Just my thoughts, and just offering an alternative view.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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