Hi Tom,

In terms of double dragon, i actually played that at the age of five or so, on our old amstrad computer, along with games like golden axe, ---- yes, I have! been playing games that long, in fact I remember being three or four and my dad teaching me how to play atari 2600 games like berzerk and space invaders. On the violence issue, it strikes me there's an emphasis point. A game like mortal combat, though regarded as a violent gore fest, generally turns out more like itchy and scratchy from the simpsons. One fatality move in Mk deadly allience for the gamecube for instance involved the sorcerer Quon Chae, jumping onto his opponents' shoulders', grabbing their ears and forceably stretching their neck like plasterseen until it was about six foot long! ---- how anyone could regard this as realistically violent I don't know.

The problem is, most of the criteria used to say what is or is not violence is rather unsubtle at best. I know for instance that at one time, the difference betwene a pg and 12 film was that in a 12, they could actually show a fist connecting!

This means in a pg, they can show someone throwing a punch, and someone else falling over, ---- but not the actual fist. A very silly distinction, and one by which games where you punch enemies who just vanish off the screen like double dragon, streets of rage or final fight would count as violent.

On the other handI have seen games which have an exclusively brutal outlook, ie, realistic and obvious displays of pain to others. Syndicate on the Amigar was one for instance, and if i had kids I'd probably not allow them to play these.

As to nudity, I'm entirely with jim on that one despite my feelings about s/x. if someone doesn't want to see nudity, ---- well I hope they never look at themselves in the bath!

Beware the grue!


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