Hi Thomas,

I am glad that I am not trained, just self taught you know.  But so if I were 
running Windows 7 I would run it just like I am running Windows XP and that is 
with the UAC crap off.  I believe that the best anti virus protection is in the 
brains of the user.  And the UAC crap is just for dummies.  I might, but don't 
now turn the UAC crap on when and if I do connect to the Internet.  I do have 
my game development computer that is never connected to the Internet and my 
Internet computer that is only connected to the Internet long enough to send 
and retrieve Email and occasionally do some web surfing.  I in 30 years of 
computer use have never ever had a virus or needed to format a hard drive or 
any thing like that.  But this is getting off topic, so BFN

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Hi Jim,
Ahem...I wouldn't say just fine with all versions of Windows. Fact is
your games do have some problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 do
to some design problems. For example, none of your programs are fully
user account control compatible. Therefore in order to get them to
operate correctly I and many others have to go in and disable that
security feature which really isn't a good solution to the problem.
Simply put saving settings to the applications home directory might
have been fine for Windows 98 and Windows XP, but is a big no-no on
newer Windows operating systems.
And, yes, while it is true the Visual Basic 6 runtime is quite small
it doesn't ship by default with Windows 7. It now is an extra
component that needs to be installed where on XP it was included with
the OS. Now, days if you wrote something in Visual Basic .NET, for
example, it wouldn't necessarily need anything else because most .NET
stuff now comes installed with Windows 7. That's just one advantage of
using a more current language.
However, Visual Basic 6 itself has a number of problems that probably
don't matter to you personally but does for other software developers.
Fact is most newer software developers, myself included, are trained
to use object oriented programming concepts which are superior to
procedural programming in most cases. Visual Basic 6'6 lack of
advanced object oriented programming frankly sucks. Visual Basic .NET
on the other hand has extremely good object oriented programming
So, anyway, while I do respect your opinion I'm afraid i do have to
disagree. visual Basic 6 is very old software, a very old language,
and no new programmer should be trying to learn something that is out
of date.  Windows 7 is current, what will be eventually replacing XP
eventually, and that is what we as software developers should be
targeting.  I guess I feel that way because from the day I stepped
into a programming class room I was taught, which makes sense to me,
to think of the future of the market and plan ahead for changes in the
software industry.




Calling some of the people who work with computers "computer experts" is like calling a 
boy scout with a first aid merit badge, "doctor."

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