Hi Lori,
Unfortunately, the world doesn't quite work that way. I know from
first hand experience that companies like Nintendo furiously protect
their copyrights and it is illegal to use copyrighted games and
characters like Mario in a game. The ADA has nothing to do with it
In fact, I often hear blind gamers constantly spout off going after
mainstream game companies using the ADA and other similar laws, but
they fail to understand one major thing. They don't have the rights
they think they have when it comes to software like games.
For example, in 2001 the U.S. updated the ADA with section 508 that
made it manditory that software that was to be used by the government
or a blind employee in the work place had to be made accessible. This
means any operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc had to be
fully accessible. This also includes any office applications like
databases, spreadsheet applications,  word processors, and so on has
to be accessible to the blind. For the most part a large majority of
those types of applications have been updated and have been made
accessible since the amendment was passed. However, what section 508
does not say is that every single software application out there has
to be accessible. Only those that apply to your job.
As it happens games are strictly entertainment. They have no place in
the work place so the ADA has nothing to say about them. They simply
are not covered, and none of us have the millions to take Sony,
Nintendo, Microsoft, Edos, E.A. Games, etc to ccourt and demand they
make their titles accessible. They'll laugh us out of court, and the
ADA doesn't legally apply here. You might eventually win a
descrimination suit, but are you willing to put up the thousands or
perhaps millions to take it to court and fight it?

On 5/23/10, Lori Duncan <lori_dunca...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Actually what gets me so angery is I've tried joining in with sighted games
> on my sister's computer.  It's a Nintendo, one of the ones with games where
> you've to move around.  I can only really do the bolling game because when
> you get s strick it will say "Great shot!" or something like that, same for
> if you get a half.  Also there's sounds of skittles falling and my family
> tell me how many I get down.  I've won games on it and it's great playing
> with my sister and friends, but to be honest I wish it was accessible for
> the blind with talking menus and everything.  There's another game called
> "Marrio Car"  It's really fast, I think the idea is to drive a car around
> avoiding other cars picking up boxs, avoiding electricity and get bonus
> objects.  I don't think it'd be breaking any laws to make it accessible for
> the blind, or any other visual game for that matter.  If someone stops you
> just get them with the disability discrimination act.  We have as much right
> to have fun as any sighted person.  Just my own thoughts, and I'm not a
> political person, just believe in the blind ruling the world.  <Smile>

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