I must confess I don't really have much sympathy for developers who planely have the skils and knolidge to create games, but take no effort to actually look at what Vi players would want, or what else has been developed in the same line.

Entombed came about because jason Alan was interested in writing audio games, turned up on the audiogames.net forum in 2008 and said "I'd like to make a game, what are people interested in?" and of course we all said "an audio rpg would rock, ---- but nobody's made one yet"

and the rest is history. It's not particularly hard to find audiogames.net, pcs games, this list, or other resources if you just bang something like "blind accessible games" or "audio games"" into google, but instead of doing such the people at aph, ----- rather I have to say like Azabat software, just interpreted what sort of games blind people want and pumped them out.

In fact I must confess I feel rather as if I've been condescended to when someone suggests this is the sort of game I should play just because I have disfunctional eyeballs.

this is of course completely different from people who begin with an easier game creation project, or try specifically to develope an arcade game the way Bsc did, sinse at least they are treeating their customers like reasonable human beings not overgrown children.

Case in point, Luis briants' recent question about space invaders games.

if Aph had asked people, ---- well people would have told them exactly where to stick those torpedos and maybe we'd have got some better games out of it.

Beware the Grue!


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