Hi Bryan,
Unfortunately, I don't think even that would change anyones mind.
Given the fact the average person's view of blindness is pretty
limited in scope. They just assume we are in someway helpless, can't
play games, can't do this, can't do that,etc all because the average
sighted person out there has no idea how we live or what we can do.
Sometimes they don't even think we can answer a simple question for
ourselves.  Case in point.
I can't even tell you how many times I have gone out on a date, went
to eat with a friend, or whatever and the person taking our order asks
my companion "what would I like to have?" I don't know about you, but
I personally find that extremely insulting. With those kinds of
attitudes and general reactions to someone who is blind it is no
wonder we can't convince the mainstream companies  to take us
seriously. I pretty much know what they are thinking weather it is
said or unsaid.
A couple of months ago i remember how some people took the news on
Game Spot regarding the news Sony was going to be sued over game
accessibility.  The reactions generally were the law suit is stupid,
how can a blind person play games, there is no way to make games
accessible for a blind person, etc. They were wrong, of course, but
that is the kind of stereotypical reaction we have to put up with. It
isn't just the fact we have to convince a company to do it, but we
have to somehow convince people we can do exactly the same kinds of
things they do, live a similar life style, but just in a slightly
different way. In other words we have to somehow get beyond their
idiotic beliefs about blindness.
However, getting back to your question about the game company CEO who
suddenly goes blind I don't think games is going to rank high on his
list. His first reaction is going to be like, "how am I going to live
like this. I'm blind. I cant' do anything. I'm helpless." Speaking
from personal experience those are generally a sighted persons
initial reactions to the discovery of losing his/her sight. They will
learn to cope with it, get back to living a productive life after a
year or two of rehab, but those first few months are going to be a
downward spiral into depression, fear, and worry. After that maybe,
just maybe, he'll be interested in creating accessible games, but he
is now in the position of trying to convince his associates of that
fact who probibly won't be that eager to take up his cause.

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>> I'd like to see the CEO, the head honcho of one of these major gaming
>> companies go blind and see what happens then. Probably nothing but it's
>> worth imagining.
>> We are the Knights who say...Ni!

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