Hi Thomas,
For fighting medusa ,
If you can't see her then her gaze attack would be nullified.
How about allowing you to put out the torch?
You could have a special key combination, like shift T.
To light it again you would need to use one of your matches in your inventory.
You could also put out the torch before jumping in the water to preserve it.
Of course what I would like best is to use the torch like a weapon, such as Indy used in the Rader's of the Lost Arc, in chasing away snakes.
All ideas for MOTA the Ultimate version.

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While I know you want to keep things relatively accurate to griek myths,
perhaps a modification here for gameplay purposes might be helpful.

In Castlevania Iv, you fight medusa the Gorgon in the 2nd world. It's
obviously an action (allbeit one with extensive exploration anbd several
interesting environments and weapons), so having something like a polished
shield which you need to equip and use wouldn't be appropriate to the rest
of the game as there is no equipping or specific item use.

So instead, Medusa has two attacks. She pulls snakes from her hair which
slither along the ground at you, and fires a fireball from her eyes which
turns you to stone.

Perhaps taking this idea of making the gaze attack a projectile instead, you
could actually have the shield employed as a weapon used to bounce the
attack back at her a number of times, ----- but obviously you'd have to be
pretty quick with the shield to avoid her fireballs and stop becoming a

Beware the Grue!

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