Hi tom.

It's funny you mention colour blindness. As you know, I am registered blind here in the uk, however I have a small amount of vision. My vision is by no means great, but I have been playing graphical games with it for years.

Just as I do with other games, i also look at low vision access, ---- for instance, I currently am playing the roguelike Angband thanks to several graphical tweaks and a large set of graphic tyles, using Hal to read in game messages (I'm also discussing some extra look and coordinates options for the game to allow full access without reference to graphics as well)..

usually though, if someone sticks visual access aides in games, they tend to stop at colour blindness changes. they don't for instance make it possible to change in game options by altering a conf fil which is readable by screen reading programs, or allow the game speed to be slowed to compensate for lowered field of vision issues.

this is odd, sinse my colour perception is about the bit of my vision which works correctly ;D.

People don't seem to considder this aspect of visual access however, which is strange.

As regards my deffinition, well thiIn terms of my deffinition, another issue i see with the social ctheory of disability and the idea that disability is a purely social catagory, is it doesn't take into account un diagnosed disabilities, or occasions when a disability is very specific to only one thing.

Take an allergy for instance. A person allergic to honey is unable, ie, disabled, to eat honey, which restricts their choice of food at a restaurant.

Mental issues are even more problematic, sinse somethingg like clinical depression can stop a person doing many things and leading a normal life, however they're site, hereing and physical movement can be completely fine.

My own deffinition therefore is entirely based on "factors intrinsic to a persons' physical or mental self" which adversely affect their qualitiy of life, ie, their ability to fulfill certain desires or choice of what desires to fulfill, rather than being based on purely social catagories such as blindness, deafness etc.

Of course, people's atitudes and the general setup of society can have huge effects, but by separating this affect from the identity of the disability itself, i'm hoping to say more specifically what access is, what assistance is, and hopefully establish some reasonable ground work for making laws or access changes.

One particularly interesting piece of work I had to do was come up with an actual deffinition of normality which i was interesting, sinse very few people seem to have even attempted it.

Anyway this is getting severely ot and very long so i'll stop.

Beware the grue!


s is why rather than

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