Yes, thanks. I have the STFC 1 soundpack from PKB.  While I really
like the new sounds a few of them are the wrong sounds. Wrong in that
the Romulan torpedoes someone used don't sound like those from the TNG
and DS9 series. Plus for the Red Alert someone replaced the red alert
sound, from Star Trek 8, with the warp core breech alert. I'm not sure
who put it together, but he or she made some  mistakes in selecting
certain sounds that aren't the correct sounds from the shows and
I don't like to sound like a profectionist, but as a long time Trek
fan I like things to be done right. That is done according to cannon
and not mixing up the alert for a warp core breech for the general red
alert clacson. It is this sort of mistake that is the problem with
soundpacks. People who maybe aren't so interested in those fine
details will stick in any sound they think is cool rather than the
correct one that belongs there.


On 6/10/10, shaun everiss <> wrote:
> well I must say I aggree especially if each ship has the sounds from
> that series.
> I think you should have the pkb soundpacks link since I put that up a
> bit ago, that should probably cover some of the ships I know for a
> fact there are sounds not used and that may help you with things.

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