Oh, I know. I rather liked Defiant's cloak myself. Only problem is
that the game never properly worked right  ever since adding it to the
game. I could have fixed it by completely rewriting the A.I. from
scratch, but by then I was already involved on new games and had lost
the original source code for STFC so couldn't do it the way it needed
to be done.
I suppose if we completely ignored the ability to build ships of
various classes we could probibly do it, but then we are talking about
ignoring one of the major features of the new game. The new STFC is
more like a real time strategy game, like SoundRTS, where you give the
ships commands to protect a sector of space, attack a certain sector,
etc and the A.I. takes over at that point. It is far better than the
turn based game we have now as everything happens in a more real time

On 6/9/10, Dakotah Rickard <dakotah.rick...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've run into the problem where, on whatever the hardest difficulty
> level is in STFC, which I can't remember the name for at present, I've
> run a whole fleet of ships into enemy space, blown up both starbases
> of the opposing fleets, and nothing's happened.
> I eventually have to bring in two ships, the Defiant cloaked and
> another, and let the other be destroyed by the two cloaked ships,
> either Romulan or Klingon, to win the game. That then runs the risk of
> the Defiant being caught by the other faction that is cloaked and
> blown to hell.
> I look forward to the new game, but I hate that we aren't going to
> have the cloaking device on our side. That Defiant was really the only
> advantage the feds had.
> Signed:
> Dakotah Rickard

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