Hi Shaun,
I haven't decided how many ships the game will be able to support, but
I am going to aim for at least 10 to 12 ships for each side for the
new version of the game.
As I said before the new STFC isn't at all like Trek 2000 or even STFC
1.0.  It is more of a strategy game along the lines of Galaxy
Civilization only set in the Star Trek universe. You might start out
with the Constitution-Class ships of the classic Star Trek era,  and
upgrade through the various classes between that and the
Sovereign-Class such as the Excelcior-Class, Ambassador-Class,
Nebula-Class,  Galaxy-Class, and so on.  With technology upgrades come
better classes of ships and weapons. Instead of photons the
Sovereign-Class will cary the Quantom torpedoes which are far more
powerful. Same goes for the Defiant-Class.  Plus better classes of
ships will have better warp drive systems. For example, the
Intrepid-Class, like Voyager, can do speeds of warp 9.975  where the
classic Enterprise, a Constitution-Class ship, could really only hold
a speed of warp 8 for long distances. Definitely a huge tactical
difference in speed and firepower.

On 6/9/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> will you be limited to just 5 ships?
> I suppose you could add the cloak capability in later tom.

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