Hi Dark,
Yes, I do see your point. Although, I do see some problems with that
approach. For one thing if the game features a lot of newer classes of
ships like the Defiant, Sovereign,  or Intrepid class it would be a
conflict of historical accuracy with older missions such as the battle
of Wolf-359 according to cannon.  Most of the ships  included in
Admiral Haze's 40 ship task force involved in the battle of Wolf-359
were older Excelsior-Class, Ambassador-Class, and Maranda-Class
starships. I seam to remember a few Nebula-Class starships as well.
The only Galaxy-Class starship I know of in that engagement was the
Enterprise which was late in getting to the battle do to the fact
using the main deflector had knocked out their warp drive. In fact, it
was the battle of Wolf-359 that had lead Starfleet to the idea of
building warships instead of science exploration vessels for future
conflicts which resulted in the Sovereign-Class and Defiant-Class
starships that began construction soon after.
So I think if we consider doing anything using historical cannon it
might be helpful to come up with a specific time frame in the Star
Trek universe. If we set it between the years 2341 and 2347  that
would be essentially the Next Generation era and the start of Deep
Space 9, but excludes everything to do with the second Borg invasion
and the dominion war. If we use the years 2347 to 2360 or so that
pretty much covers Deep Space 9, Voyager, First Contact, Inserection,
and Nemisis.
I guess a lot depends on if we want a central story here or each
mission stands on its own as well. If we go with the idea the game is
designed like Lone Wolf with each mission standing alone it might be
better to pick the TNG era as we can cover the Klingon civil war,
conflicts with Ferengi pirates,  problems with the Cardassians, as
well as Commander Sela's whiles to take over Vulcan using her personal
Romulan fleet. Lots of ground to cover without any central story
connecting the missions together.
However, with Deep Space 9 following season 3 they centralized around
the conflict with the dominion pretty much. The Klingon War, for
example, was started because a founder had replaced the Klingon
chanselor and had instigated a war between the Klingons and the
Federation. Later in the series the Federation had managed to end the
war with the Klingons and about that time Cardassians and Breen
decided to join the Dominion on the Alfa quadrant side of the wormhole
expanding Dominion influence beyond the Gamma Quadrant. This resulted
in many former enemies joining together such as the Federation,
Romulans, Klingons, etc to fight a common enemy.
The point I am getting at with Deep Space 9 a game based in that era
would be fairly centralized around the Dominion War. It would have to
be since every available ship was committed to that endever. The only
exception to the rule was U.S.S. Voyager which got transported 70,000
light years from home by the Care Taker, and was believed lost until
they managed to get into contact with Starfleet after five or six
years of cruising the Delta Quadrant and shooting it out with the
Kazon, Borg, Swarm, Species 8742, and other Delta Quadrant aliens.
Like TNG, though, a game based on Voyager would have lots of room to
explore independatn missions, but I don't have a lot of sounds for the
Kazon, Herogen,  Swarm, etc.

On 6/12/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Well again Tom, this could be cool about a mission mode sinse you could set
> it around crucial campeigns and moments in the trek history. not just the
> dominian war, but the battle of wolf 359, the confrontation  betwene the
> federation battle fleet and the Klingon forces of kuros in next gen, even
> scermishes with the firengi commanding the stargazer.
> Appologies if I've got a litle of my cannon wrong (I've only recently seen
> much of ds9 and voyager), but you see my point.
> Beware the grue¬!
> dark.

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