Hi Dark,
Oh, as far as timeline goes it would definitely have to be set in time
long before the final episode of DS9. After all during the last season
the Defiant got destroyed by the Breen, Cardassia Prime was basicly
leveled as a result of the war,  the Founders returned to the Gamma
Quadrant with Odo,  Captain Sisko basicly ended up trapped with Dukat
in the wormhole,  and Kira was promoted to starbase commander in
Sisko's place. They pretty much ended everything in the last few
episodes of Deep Space 9 in a big way.
However, when I wrote STFC there really wasn't a specific timeline
involved.  Actually, there really isn't a plot or story to it either.
it was just basicly a shoot-m-up game with no real back story or
cannon to it. Were I to write the game now I think I would redo that
aspect of the game.
For example, I could set it in the Dominion War. Instead of the
enemies you have now you would be facing an allied force of Breen,
Jemhadar, and Cardassian ships. In fact, at one point the game was
exactly that way, but something changed my mind during development and
I never changed it back to the Dominion War theme.

On 6/12/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Ah, i'm probably getting the ship names from final conflict and trek 2000
> mixed up slightly there, but you do see my point.
> but hold on a minute, ---- didn't gul ducat get what for anyway on bajor
> thanks to captain sisco?
> Or is stfc set earlier in time than that, ---- though as the Klingons,
> romulans and! cardassians are all attacking at once, I'm actually not sure
> when it might be set, ---- hmmm, maybe you could considder replacing the
> Klingons with the dominian to give the game a deffinate time in the dominian
> war.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.Dark.

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