Hi Valiant and all,
I've just looked up the section in the official DirectX documentation
about Cartesian coordinates, and here is what it says. Perhaps after
reading this it might make more sense why and how I have designed the
Genesis Engine. Obviously, since DirectX is setup this way using some
other values would screw up the 3d positioning of sounds considerably
and using something else isn't really an option. Here is the relevant

Coordinates of 3-D Space

In DirectSound the position, velocity, and orientation of sound
sources and listeners in 3-D space
are represented by Cartesian coordinates, which are values on three
axes: the x-axis,
the y-axis, and the z-axis. The axes are relative to a viewpoint
established by the
application. Values on the x-axis increase from left to right, on the
y-axis from
down to up, and on the z-axis from near to far.
The D3DVECTOR structure contains values describing position, velocity,
or orientation on the three
Conventionally, vectors are expressed as three values enclosed in
parentheses and
separated by commas, in the order (x, y, z).


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