Hi Willem,
Correct. I didn't mention the Visual C++ updates as generally those
come through Windows Update anyway. It is assumed that most users use
the Windows Update service and should have these updates installed
already . As you say that the libraries that Visual Studio 2008 and
Visual Studio 2010 now use are far newer than those that come
installed with XP by default and Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio
2010 are geared for Windows Vista and Windows 7. In order to get these
newer applications to run on older Windows releases like XP you have
to update those libraries to the latest versions through Windows
Update or by downloading the runtime service pack for your os.
As far as the price of Windows 7 is concerned you might not be aware
of the fact that some retail boxed versions come with three license
keys. It is a little higher than a standard upgrade, but you get more
than one license with the cd.  Microsoft actually has started a family
license type deal where you can get more than one licensed copy with
the price of a full retail upgrade which is actually a good deal all
things considered. Plus Windows 7 is superior to Windos XP in many
many ways. Don't knock it until you try it.
As far as Ubuntu goes I love the Linux os, but it really isn't yet a
good gaming platform for accessible games yet. Sure I could port my
games to Linux, but what I've found is I'd really have to tailer
everything specific to that os which is something I don't want to do
yet. Having operating system specific engines would be a serious pain
in the butt to manage.

On 7/6/10, Willem <dwill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If they stop me using xp, I'll simply have to use ubuntu. I'm not paying
> that price for windows 7.
> You can download the c++ runtimes, which are standard libraries that are
> used when you use visual studio 2008 or 2005 to compile your code. As xp was
> released before that you need to download the updates. They are not
> considered standard system requirements, because most windows systems have
> them installed. Putting them on his websight as a requirement is kind of
> like Thomas telling you you need drivers for your soundcard so the soundcard
> can work.

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