Hi Willem,

My computer including Internet Explorer are working great! for me now.  I have 
not heard one reason that I should up grade my computer other than some games 
would require it.  And since I am running JFW 4.02 I am pretty sure that I 
would no longer be able to use many of the newer programs that Windows up dates 
would install.  You know such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player etc 

BTW you nor anyone else would need to up grade their computer to run any of my 
games.  Well unless maybe if they are running Windows 98, 95 or 3.1.  My games 
are all good to go on XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Well ok, you need to do my 
WinKit.zip install for Vista and Windows 7, but my games really are designed to 
run with what the WinKit installs anyway.


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Hi Jim,

Well as most people on this list upgrade their computers regularly and are still sending email and working with their computers I guess you were just unlucky. Maybe you should try upgrading your computer to the "latest and greatest" of software just in case people fixed some bugs. I know for sure that Microsoft released a version of internet explorer 6 that had several memory leeks and crashed often. They fixed the problems in internet explorer 7 I hear, though I choose to use firefox.

By your logic then I shouldn't try any games as it would involve upgrading software or low and behold actually installing new software.


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