Hi Jim,
Ah, but we aren't so different really. If I want to play your games on
Windows 7, which I do, I have to install Winkit to get the backwards
compatibility runtime libraries for VB. Well, if you want to play my
games on XP you have to install the latest Visual C++ Runtime
libraries. Either one is not very big, and according to the  Microsoft
website the full Visual C++ runtime install is 6 MB. That's nothin'
compared to installing the Java 6 Runtime Environment which is like 40
MB last I checked or the .Net Framework upgrades that are close to 300
MB now.
The major difference between what you do and I do is you still use
Visual Basic 6 and I use Visual C++ 2008 along with the Windows
Platform SDK to write my games. I need the Visual Basic Runtime to
play your games and you need the Visual C++ Runtime to play mine. It
is not a big deal really.
As for Jaws 4.02, yeah, that's pretty ancient. There is a lot of
applications it does not support like Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Internet
Explorer 8,  Microsoft Office 2007,  and so on. You couldn't even
think about upgrading to Windows 7 without a major Jaws upgrade to
Jaws 11 which would be extremely expensive for you sinceyou are so far
behind on updates. You'd pretty much have to use an open source
alternative like NVDA instead if cost is a major factor in upgrading.
I'm not going to argue with your choices and decisions as you have
what you obviously like. Willem and I feel differently. I for one
really like Firefox and hardly ever use Internet Explorer. That is of
course a personal decision, because I feel it is more secure and I
love the multitab browsing ability. Of course, Internet Explorer 8 now
has multitab browsing too, but as with everything else Microsoft got
the idea from someone else and now tries to passit off as their own
idea. Sounds like another screen reader I know that goes by the name
of Jaws. They pretty much got several of their features by copying
innovations from other screen reader manufacturers and passed those
updates off to their customers as new ideas who were ignorant of what
the other screen reader manufacturers were doing.


On 7/9/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> My computer including Internet Explorer are working great! for me now.  I
> have not heard one reason that I should up grade my computer other than some
> games would require it.  And since I am running JFW 4.02 I am pretty sure
> that I would no longer be able to use many of the newer programs that
> Windows up dates would install.  You know such as Internet Explorer, Windows
> Media Player etc etc.
> BTW you nor anyone else would need to up grade their computer to run any of
> my games.  Well unless maybe if they are running Windows 98, 95 or 3.1.  My
> games are all good to go on XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Well ok, you need to
> do my WinKit.zip install for Vista and Windows 7, but my games really are
> designed to run with what the WinKit installs anyway.
> TGIF and BFN

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