The changes from sC 3 to 4 were only really noticible if you were a competetive player. The point wasn't supposed to be adding gameplay features. The saying is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Soul calibur 3 actualy had bad gameplay where fighting game fans were concerned, and Soul Calibur 4 improved it by miles. Unfortunately, it still wasn't as good as sc2. That game had the best system out of all the games.. nevertheless, soul Calibur is a staple in the series and should be remembered. As for audio, well, I think you are the only one there, Ben. The music was amazing, and the sounds, if anything, improved. They became more realistic rather than the anime clashes of the first three games. As to few japanese games being done in english, I can understand that. If you want an example of why fighting games should be done in a language other than english, look at street Fighter IV's english voices. As to tekken, I do admit it is kind of odd... but I personally have no problem with it. Tekken focusses a lot more on nationality than SF, and therefore i seems only natural to have everyone speaking their own native tongues, even given how it's a bit odd that everyone understands what everyone else is saying.

Here's another transcription of the dialog between feng and lei. This is my take on it... see if this rings any bells for manderin. lol And by the way, not true. Not all characters speak their own language... lei wulong is an example! lol.

Lei: I finally found you.
Feng: Ni she shei?
Lei: Decetive Lei wulong of the hong kong police. I'm placing you under arrest? Feng: Lei wulong? Xue wu xing chuan de jia hwo? You yi su... fang ma guo lai!

The line feng first says means who are you, for anyone who is wondering. The second says, "Lei wulong? The guy that fights using the five-form style? How amusing.. bring it on!

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