Maybe bad's the wrong term, Feng's Mandarin's okay, it's the um, dialog I guess, that's really cheesy for him lol. I do love that character though, his style's great and I always got a thing for more explosive characters---my favorite is still Bryan Fury...even the name rocks. Watched the new Tekken film yet? The fights are great, though I think the storyline they changed it to really needs some work. I wish there is a good DBZ fighting game for psx/ps2 out there- so far what I've seen are mostly what I'd call 'eye candy' made to appeal fans and not much else. Back with SNES, the DBZ fighting games were well made, and even those who don't know the series could pick it up and had a field-day with them. I was one such player lol, I had no idea what DBZ was really about, but I saw this cool fighting game with this big dude named Android 16 who could do some impressive moves like shoot his hands out as I was hooked. When I tried the DBZ fighting game, can't remember which one, on PSX, and found out all it was was you fly all over the screen trying to line up a shot at your opponent who's doing the same, I was so disappointed.

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