Yeah, I'm the one of...and I am sure I know from whom... lol You're right SNK bosses are so cheap they got their own trade mark as SNK Boss Syndrome lol- I almsot trashed the darn controller trying to beat the boss of Maximum Impcat 2- granted, I only just picked up the game like 3 hours prior to trying, so the fact I made it to him without defeat was a good sign- but a combination of super damaging moves, teleportation, freezing, and a squeaky voice just made that boss particularly madning. Lol, don't pick on Taiwanese Mandarin...when I was, *clear throat* your we go...alot of us spoke that way just cause it was considered cool rofl. You know the whole Taiwanese gangster supposed to chain-smoke, talk with bad Mandarin and drink alot of beer. The motion picture of SF is/was, masterful, when compared against the US series lol- seriously, that series' just bad enough to be worth watching. The Tekken 2 animated movie on the other hand, was alot better- the English dialogs were still kind of stiff, but at least with more emotions. I'm not sure if you watched any of these animes in Cantonese or Mandarin dubbs- those can be rather awful too. I watched the whole Dragon Ball Z series in Mandarin, and the whole Saint Seiya series too.

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