Hi there,

I'm not sure the right way to address lots of people in one email reply,
so I'll just break it down into chunks and preface each chunk with the
person's name. I hope that's okay. Please let me know if there's a better
way! Smiles.

To Sky.
Thanks for the warm welcome. That's awesome to hear about your plans to
become a recording engineer. I have a friend who works in radio and it's a
pretty rad skill to have. Sadly, I have next to no talent at all with
musical instruments. In fact, my grade 7 teacher pretty much begged me not
to continue. What style of music do you like to play on the piano? Have
you done any work with music for audio games?

To Alfredo.
Thanks for the link. I'm hoping to check everything out, but I must admit
to being a little overwhelmed right now.

To Jacob.
Thanks, too, for the tip off. Along with Tom's explanation, I'll get
started on setting up my laptop and hopefully have it done by the end of
the week.

To Tom.
Thanks on a number of fronts.
I was getting an old url for your company, and it wasn't redirecting, so I
couldn't tell if you'd moved the company to another domain, or were
working on another project. I'll definitely check out your demos when I
get my laptop and desktop set up.
What do you write your games in? Is it C++? Do you write creatively as
well, or just prefer coding?
Thanks for the lesson on Linux set-ups and how screen readers deal with
strange text. You're very good at explaining things in a clear, effortless
manner. Oh, and yes, I think the person who recommended speakup did so
under the guise of it being used mostly when he was playing interactive

Okay, hopefully I remembered everyone. Thanks again for your help. Smiles.



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