Hi Neophite,

Initially I wrote my first game STFC in C# .NET, but I have since
switch to C++. Do to some driver compatibility issues we have decided
to adopt two different API standards for our games. On the Windows
side we will be developing our games in C++ with direct support for MS
Sapi 5, DirectInput, and other Windows specific APIs. On the Linux
side we are going to use Speech-Dispatcher for speech support and SFML
for input, audio, and networking support. That's actually what we are
doing now for Mysteries of the Ancients beta 16.

As far as playing interactive fiction on Linux I agree that Speakup
works better for that. The Linux frotz interpreter is a console
application, and sometimes Orca doesn't handle it too will in a
terminal window. Using Speakup with frotz is a pretty good combo
accesssibility wise.

Also there is an open source Adrift Runner for Linux called Scare, and
for the most part it works well with Speakup. As with frotz Orca
doesn't handle the screens too well, but Speakup seams to do pretty
well with them. For that reason alone Vinux is handy because they have
Speakup already compiled and configured out of the box where with
Ubuntu you have to do a bit of compiling and configuring to get
Speakup working.

As far as doing a bit of creative writing I use to do a lot of it back
when i was in high school and college.  I have the nack for it, but
somehow coding seams to take up most of my creative time/talent. I
keep telling myself that eventually I am going to get back into
creative writing and lay off game coding for a while.

Although, I have a project in the works that might let me do both. I'm
working on a text based RPG in the spirit of ADOM or Nethack for
Windows and Linux. As it is an RPG system it will take quite a lot of
both coding and creative writing to pull off.

One of the reasons I'm writing it is that for a while I was heavily
into playing an RPG game called Sryth. Unfortunately, over the past
couple of years Sryth has become less of a story based RPG and has a
lot of quests that are little more than grinding. I understand the
need to improve stats, wepons, etc but when you have to do mindless
grinding, playing the same adventure over and over to get a special
item, it gets old real quick. Therefore I figured I could write my own
and do better.


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