Sorry dark, have to disagree there. I've had experiences involving this. Mainstream companies won't respond to you directly, however they do have people who scan game forums and tell them what the fans are wanting, and they listen through that as well as poles, patitions, etc. Nowadays, devs have facebook and twitter pages as well. As an example.. in the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken, Yoshinori ono stated on twitter that if he reached a certain number of followers he would put Akuma into the game. Followers shot up like you wouldn't believe... and Akuma is now confirmed. Katsuhiro harada, the fighting games expert at Namco, posted a facebook patition for a new soul calibur game. Things like that are the way game companies communicate with the comunity. And while I see no reason this should be any different, the fact that Bavisoft emails bounce, their site doesn't work half the time and nothing has been heard from them in ages, says that we are probs looking at a dead company. But that's just my shpeal in regards to communicating with capcom and Namco. And the only reason that you can't get intouch with dev teams in Japan is because the company branch you contacted probably wasn't the Japanese branch. Mainstream companies have different offices all over, and they are sometimes not even related all that much. Capcom USA and Capcom Japan are two separate branches of the same company, but the USA devision has to get licensing rights and the like to port stuff over to America. Tatsunoko VS. Capcom is an example. Certain characters were cut because of the refusal of a japanese company to license out to America, and all the character-specific theme remixes were cut due to licensing issues as well.

There's the ramble. lol.

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